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Blog 10 Water Crisis

We need water to survive every day,  and having a water shortage is a serious issue. Our inability to drink enough water or take care of ourselves can lead to a deterioration in our health. Every year, diseases related to water, sanitation, and hygiene claim the lives of over a million people; these deaths may be prevented with access to clean water or hygienic circumstances. Every two minutes, a child dies from a water-related ailment. Heat waves, droughts, and floods brought on by climate change are the cause of the water issue. People may become ill from the situation, which could potentially result in fatalities and have an impact on the ecosystem.

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Blog 9 Foodborne Outbreaks

Consuming tainted food or beverages is the primary cause of foodborne outbreaks and diseases. Foodborne infections come in several forms, such as Vibrio infection, E. Coli, and Samellona infection. Bacteria, viruses, and parasites can cause foodborne illnesses, but they can also be caused by chemicals and other poisons. Foodborne outbreaks hurt the environment by causing people to get sick and sometimes even killing them. The economy is affected as well, which implies that food must be withdrawn and businesses suffer financial losses. There are techniques to ensure that the food you eat is clean so you don't get sick. Keep food at the proper temperature, wash your hands frequently, and avoid touching meat or vegetables.

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Blog 8 Air pollution

Both indoor and outdoor air pollution can contain substances that are harmful to humans and animals. Automobiles, industry, and forest fires are common sources of air pollution. Air pollution can take many different forms, from smoke indoors to smog hanging over communities, and it poses a major threat to both human health and the environment. In both urban and rural areas, ambient air pollution containing fine particulate matter has been related to lung cancer, heart attacks, strokes, and both acute and chronic respiratory disorders. In addition to harming property, pollution can also hurt the environment by reducing the view in national parks, destroying forests, lakes, and other aquatic bodies, as well as destroying buildings and wildlife.

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Blog 7 Acid Rain

Acid rain refers to precipitation that falls in either a wet or dry form and contains acidic elements such as nitric acid and sulfur. Despite the name, acid rain does not always occur as rain; instead, it can appear as snow, fog, hail, or ice. Acid rain is the result of sulfur dioxide and nitric oxides combining due to air currents and wind. The mixture will react to produce acid rain by combining with oxygen, water, and other chemicals. Acidity can be harmful to people, animals, and the environment at excessive concentrations. Animals' homes may be taken away by dying trees brought on by acid rain. In addition, respiratory diseases can be brought on by acid and made worse by it.

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Blog 6 Indoor Air Quality

When most people think of air pollution, they tend to focus more on external air pollution than internal air pollution. We spend a lot of time inside our homes, therefore interior quality is just as important as outdoor quality. We may be breathing in various contaminants such as paint, mold, smoke, and chemicals whether we are simply lounging around the house or even when we are asleep. Some people live in unsanitary conditions and chemically-laden environments, which contributes to their poor quality of air. Both a person's physical and emotional health may be impacted by this. Whether or not you believe your house is clean, people are unaware of all the nasty air that circulates it. Some people's homes are impacted by their smoking neighbors. Homes can easily contain carbon monoxide, which has the potential to kill someone covertly. There are numerous instances of indoor air quality issues, but there are solutions available, such as air purifiers, ventilation, and hiring an expert to inspect the air.

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Blog 5 Poaching

Poaching is the unlawful taking, shooting, trapping, or gathering of animals, fish, or plants from private property or an area where these activities are prohibited or reserved. Poaching has a significant role in the global decline of biodiversity and poses a serious existential threat to many wild organisms. Most people poach animals to sell what will make money, for example, elephant tusks, lion skin, and leather. Not all wildlife trade is illegal, because it is how we get food, pets, and medicine. Poaching should not be a thing since it does harm animals and people could do time for the crime but it does not stop them. What makes it crazy is that they may take something from the animal and they are still alive.

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Blog 4 Marine Pollution

Marine pollution has been a problem since the 1960s and it will not stop being a problem. The pollution consists of chemicals and trash that have been thrown into the ocean. The pollution is hard to control because it comes from different locations. The chemical combination and nutrient pollution which turns into algae bloom can harm wildlife and humans. This kind of pollution happens when chemicals from human activity, particularly fertilizer use on farms, wash into waterways and eventually end up in the ocean. When there is trash thrown into the ocean the fish can get tangled up and ingest plastics and when people end up eating the fish they can absorb that as well. What can be done to prevent pollution is to clean up, use less plastic, and be informed. 

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Blog 3 Litter

Littering has been a problem for a very long time and I believe that it will never stop being a problem. Everywhere you turn there is trash whether it is a grocery store bag, fast food wrappers or even full bags of trash. Not only does it look bad it hurts people, animals and it cost millions of dollars to clean up. There are some people that are kind enough to volunteer but it is not enough. Littering is illegal but that does not stop people from doing it even though they can get fined for it. What litter does to the world is cause people to get in car accidents, kills animals by suffocating them and kills plant life. People should be more considerate when trying to dump garbage. Overall, It makes our planet look tacky and it hurts many things in our environment.

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Blog 2 Endangered Species

Animals all over the world are now becoming endangered due to people hunting and the animals not being able to survive on their own due to environment changes. They can also become endangered due to pollution, habitat loss and climate change. This is causing the Earth to now be in the 6th mass extinction, the last extinction was 65 million years ago with the dinosaurs. Extinctions do naturally occur but the one that is happening now is mainly because of humans. The population continues to grow which means more room needs to be made for people causing the animals to be pushed out of their homes. An example of extinction could be how the African Elephants use to have a population of 1.3 million elephants but now it's 600,000 and that is being of poachers killing them to take their tusk.

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Blog 1 Global Warming

Global warming as become a problem over the past years, because people are not taking care of the planet. The article highlights how there are so many people on earth that we burn so much fossil fuels. The fossil fuels that burn include coal, natural gas and and oil and it causes what is known as the "Greenhouse effect". The greenhouse effect is when the sun rays hit the atmosphere and there is no where for the heat to go. Fossil fuel combustion releases gases that keep heat from escaping the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane, nitrous oxide, and chlorofluorocarbons are some examples of these greenhouse gases. world warming, as the term implies, is the gradual increase in the average world temperature due to the surplus heat in the atmosphere.

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